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Approach to Learning

Apr 01, 2019

As a committed parent, learn about the Sakinah Circle Alternative Program and implement its principles at home.   We are partners in learning. Together, we want to ensure your child is nurtured consistently at home and at school.

There are many opportunities for parents to learn about holistic education based on the Qur’anic worldview: Read and reflect! Attend parent meetings! Participate in parent workshops! Be involved in the Sakinah Circle family!

Encourage each other to think critically about lifestyle choices. You can help organize life-long learning opportunities!


Learning is a sacred trust.


The Noble Qur’an is recited daily during morning assembly and two 30 minute sessions per week. The focus is on tajweed. This is offered as holistic support to learning of the Noble Qur’an at home.

We come to school intentionally, with adab in manner and dress.  Children are to learn Islamic etiquette and knowledge at home; Sakinah Circle can enrich and support your learning at home.

Children are exposed to incessant barrage of media.  Help your children cope with what they see and hear.  Limit and supervise your children’s screen use.