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What do parents need to do

Provide an intentional and nurturing learning environment at home.

 Facilitate a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

 Be aware of what your child is learning, in and out of school.

Be present for your children to guide and help them make good decisions.

 Model the attitudes you want to see in your children.

Be in regular contact with teachers, attend school events and Sakinah Society meetings.

Will my child learn about Islam in Sakinah Circle

In Sakinah Circle, the Alberta Program of Study is taught with a Qur’anic worldview, meaning that we approach all our learning with a Qur’anic lens. We strive to provide a learning environment that recognizes the learner's fitrah (innate nature), nurtures taqwa (God consciousness), and cultivates learners who strive to become khalifah (vicegerents of Allah). There is no separate Islamic Studies class. Home is the first place of learning, and it is the responsibility of parents to ensure their children read Qur’an, are prepared to pray, and behave in respectful and responsible ways.

Timing in Sakinah

Sakinah students begin their day earlier than the rest of the school.

Moring assembly begins at 8:20am

I want to visit school, how do I arrange for it?

Please call the School for an appointment for your visit. We do not encourage visits during school hours, so that classes in progress are not disturbed. To get more idea on what it is to be in Sakinah Circle, please visit our website regularly.